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Microsoft Access Templates and Products

RPT Software has a full selection of Microsoft Access templates. Basically each template is a unlocked Microsoft Access database designed to serve a specific purpose. You can use the templates out of the box or customize the templates any way you need. We also do custom consulting work so you can have RPT Software customize a database to your exact need or you can purchase an access template that is close to what you want and then make changes if needed. All templates are written in Microsoft Access 2007 and require Microsoft Access 2007 or Access 2010.

RPT Software - CRM Template (Advanced)

The RPT Software - CRM Template (Advanced) is complete customer relationship management system written in Microsoft Access 2007. This template is a combination of 4 templates (CRM Basic, Marketing, Mapping and Calendar) . New: Version 2.1 now released!

RPT Software - CRM Template (Basic)

The RPT Software - CRM Template (Basic) is a basic customer relation management system. The system tracks the same information as the CRM Advanced without all the bells and whistles and at a lower price.

RPT Software - Marketing Template

The RPT Software - Marketing Template does email and word merging to make it easy to add custom emailing or letter writing to any application.

RPT Software - Mapping Template

The RPT Software - Mapping Template does google map and google earth maps of multiple contact addresses.

RPT Software - Calendar Template

The RPT Software - Calendar Template is a monthly calendar that easily integrates to show activities or other data on a calendar.

RPT Software - CRM (Basic) + Calendar Template

The RPT Software - CRM (Basic) + Calendar Template is a combination of the CRM (Basic) template with the Calendar Template.

RPT Software - Rental Template

The RPT Software - Rental Template is a system for tracking rental properties, builings, units, tenants, leases, issues, expenses and income.

RPT Software - Donation Management Software

The RPT Software - Donation Management software is a contact based CRM package that also does donation management, pledge management, event management and campaign management. Prices range from $90 for the "single user - standard edition" to $390 for the"unlimited users - professional edition".

This software has it's own dedicated website. Donation Software.

How did we create the software

RPT Software has been in business of making software since 1998. Throughout the years we have continued to evolve the base templates that we use internally to help us create custom databases. Currently we are doing a lot of work in Microsoft Access 2007 and Access 2010 and the above templates are a small portion of our "base" templates. In general with a template we strive for a very professional "look/feel" and also for code that is full tested. In general we do not use macros and all code is commented and built for easy reuse. Input from various customers have helped drive the specifics of which data is tracked on each template.

Why use one of our Access Templates?

Many users purchase one of our products because they are access databases that might be close to what they were going to try and build themselves. Other users buy our products just to steal some of the VBA code we have written for a specific purpose within the software. Others user purchase our templates to help learn how to create an access database. Why waste time writing something yourself when you can spend a few bucks and save yourself days or weeks of time. While most of our templates revolve around the "CRM" concept these templates act as good starting points for almost all kinds of databases. We ourselves use the CRM Advanced template as a starting point for many consulting projects.

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